Preview v40 is out

Official announcements by IFA3 Team.
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Preview v40 is out

Post by kju » Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:48 pm


Happy 6th June(+3) all WW2 fans!

Today we are resupplying our British troops with brand new weapons from El Tyranos' workshop.
Alongside there are some very exciting changes to some terrains with standardization to Enoch.

Without any further ado, get the latest version, and be sure to check out the changelog to see all the changes and what is down the road for IFA3!

< Preview V40 "Enoch Update" is ready for download >

WW2 Wiki: Download

WW2 Wiki: IFA3 Changelog

Much thanks to:

El Tyranos for many sleepless nights to provide the best quality for the project on all ends.
Kerc his massive efforts to polish, fix and improve anything and everything he can find.
The team effort from El Tyranos, Jegor, Rylan, swurvin and kju for upping the quality of the exsting terrains to a whole new level.
petrtlach on his beautiful PIAT and No.I Enfield.
As well as for the contributions of the everyone else in the team to assist for this long overdue update!

### Highlights ###

  • Incremental reloading for bolt action rifles

  • Most terrains use Enoch vegetation, lighting and environment sounds
  • Major upgrade of most terrains to latest Arma 3 quality standards
  • New custom water shader to all inland and seawater terrains
  • Satellite image improvements for most terrains

  • British infantry weapons, BAR, and FG-42 are back!



** Make your voice count **:

Drop your biggest annoyance, or your yearning toy, or your brilliant idea into the Suggestion Box today!
Don't miss out voting on already listed items to help prioritize the war effort soldier. :idea:

PS: You can use your discord/twitch/github account.


To report issues please head this way:
WW2 Wiki: Issue reporting

For more official WIP media and excellent fan made media, or to have a nice chat or to get assistance, make sure join our discord server.






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