504th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division

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504th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division

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The 82nd Airborne Division, is a U.S Army World War II Realism Unit, focused on providing a realistic, fun, and engaging environment for all people looking for a immersive, and fun community. Our ranks, assignments, and general organization is imitating the U.S Army around the second World War. We are looking for like-minded individuals that wish to practice realism and wish to delve into the history surrounding the period, as well as entertaining the idea of the conflicts within the era. Not only that, but we offer multiple other events throughout the week as well, or custom made missions from our mission making department set in other eras with other campaigns. If you are looking to expand your knowledge in ArmA, specifically with WWII, or if your just looking for a place to jump out of planes and get immersed in a WWII environment, we have a place for all of those that appreciate the airborne and WWII.

As a unit, we have a small training pipeline of some simple combat training, and individual training. Although these are simple training sessions, they are required and utilized at all times during events held by the unit. This is one of the core features of our unit, bringing a realistic and useful knowledge to individuals looking for a historically accurate unit. Our training isn't about learning how to shoot, it's not about learning know how to use ace, or TFAR/ACRE, (but if you need it, we can teach it!) It's about taking the regular knowledge most ArmA milsim players know, and flipping it on its head and programming it to fit a WWII setting, so everyone is able to learn a thing or two here.



Here are a few links to help get you started if you want to join up with the 82nd Airborne!




Going hand in hand with training, we offer a variety of roles throughout the unit, and plan on expanding throughout the time that we establish ourselves. These including ground, and armored combatant roles, and non-combatant roles, such as;

  • MOS 745 - Rifleman - The rifleman is the core role of the unit, practiced, and experienced in front-line combat. This MOS may consist of AT Rifleman, Grenadiers, and Messengers.
  • MOS 604 - Machine Gunner - The machine gunner and his team are the backbone of any airborne squad. This MOS also consists of ammo bearer, and assistant machine gunner.
  • MOS 657 - Medical Aidman - Assigned by Regiment, a Aidman is the savior of most operations, taking care of casualties and protecting patients, while braving the battle.
  • MOS 776 - Radio Telephone Operator - There to provide access to fire support and quick communications between detachments and Company Command, the RTO is the pinnacle of communication.
  • MOS 607 - Light Mortar Crewman - Provides fire support through mortar fire, utilizing training and teamwork to provide a hard hitting force essential to any unit.


Since we are a historical-realism unit, we have some ground rules and expectations that not everyone can fit, so we have a few requirements if you are to consider joining us, please make sure that you fit the following criteria before contacting us and submitting an application.

  • 16+
  • Working Microphone.
  • Mature attitude.
  • Able to use fluent english.


If you're interested in joining, click on the website link above, sign up and submit a small enlistment application on the website, and give a recruiter 24 hours to respond and conduct an interview. During that time you can also join discord, or teamspeak and try contacting someone. We may not always be there so feel free to @ a NCO or an Officer!

Hope to see you there!

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