New vehicle ideas

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New vehicle ideas

Post by Outlaw 4-3 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:19 am

Hello i'd like to suggest a few vehicles to the mod like the M3 half track with the Quad barrel AA and the M3 half track with the 75mm AT gun plus an Armed willys jeep and maybe the Sherman with the Plow on the front to push barricades out of the way lol but lets be real arma wouldn't like that much but a few others like the JU-88,Spitfire,Hurricane,F4F,German rocket half track, Flak 88 with wheels for towing, British tanks and other vehicles, sorry just spouting ideas i will post a few links to some of these if i think of more vehicles i will add more links
Sherman with plow ... ajaxhist=0

M-16 Half-track ... ajaxhist=0

Armed willys ... ajaxhist=0

M3 halftrack with a 75mm gun ... ajaxhist=0 I forgot War thunder has one in there game along with the AA M-16

These are some suggestions don't know if they're already in the works or not but if they're heres some pretty good models of them

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