Recoil philosophy

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Recoil philosophy

Post by El Tyranos » Thu May 25, 2017 8:28 am

Hello there :)

We often hear people complain about "too much recoil for semi-auto weapons", so let me summarize our recoil philosophy.

1. We always prioritize PvP gameplay because AI won't complain of balancing
2. We assumed that having no scopes, combats are happening at shorter range than modern ones, 250 to 0 instead of over 500.
3. Under 100m, with former values, it was possible to empty one semi-auto weapon (garand-m1-g43) in a 20*20cm square within 2 seconds. This give absolutely no chance to any bolt action rifle within those ranges, and they don't have "more chance" at long ranges because whether you don't see well whether the ammunition are as lethal as semi auto guns which have a reduced rate of fire when distance increases. In extenso, it generally meant "the first to see is the one who survive" because spamming your gun like a retard was 95% kill success under 100 meters.
5. Therefore we had to reduce rate of fire and accuracy of semi auto, without changing bullet dispertion (like any arcade game would do), so we changed the recoil.
6. No matter what you think, recoil is reallistic, one will tell you "I am american I shot the garand it doesnt move". Yeah, we agree with you, it doesnt move that much, but :
  • back then men were 1,70 meters average, 60 kilograms, not 1.m85 90kg.
  • they shot old ammunitions which powder had not the same properties.
  • they were scared, exhausted and shot to kill, you fired on a firing range with absolutely no stress.
This video shows well how, in a very calm situation, the sights get misaligned from the target : [BBvideo=560,315][/BBvideo]

7. Therefore, if you want to be accurate and steady, lean or use the world to rest your weapon, take the time to aim it back when you shoot. Otherwise, do like any soldier with a semi auto : supress in the general direction, knowing you'll probably won't hit anything.

Playing tactical PvP once a week (here, without zoom), I have returns from a decent player base : kar98 are still unadvantaged at short range, but they have a better survivabilty and have time to make escape moves, which was the goal of the tweaking, so for now it will likely remain like this. But feel free to make a recoil less patch and share it to steam workshop :)

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