Operation Valkirie 1946

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Operation Valkirie 1946

Post by Variable.A » Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:01 am

11th August 21 CEST

Mission briefing :
Operation Valkirie 1946 OSS has discovered a secret Nazi installation in South Pacific. Island is very remote far from any known shipping lanes and human settlements. Detachment of US Rangers is deployed to the island to gather any possible intel on enemy strength and plans.

MISSION US OBJECTIVES Rangers are starting their mission soon after safely regrouping from a para drop into the jungle. Their objective is Nazi HQ on the island. Rangers are to assault the location and gather intel in form of secret files.



GERMAN OBJECTIVES German forces are to defend location for 1h which is total mission time. They may also disrupt US forces reinforcement by sending patrols into the jungle.
Imageprywatny serwer plemiona


Each player will have 1 game life.

Teamspeak3: ts3.no4commando.com

PW: no4

Mods: IFA3 + CUP Core + Todt

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