Saints Gaming WWII Exile Arma3

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Saints Gaming WWII Exile Arma3

Post by Galland » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:07 am

We are working on a WWII Exile server, currently using the Staszow map, IFA3Lite and a few other assorted mods. Roaming AI, both ground and air. Custom missions and loot tables. Custom trader zones.
Theme is 45-46, General G. Patton along with various SS units have gone rougue, Eastern front and Western front are in disorder. You are a Exiled War Prisoner, trying to survive in a hostile enviroment, fighting semi-regular troops (Missions and Roaming AI) and other Exiles. One central Trader Hub will allow you to get a small area staked out as your own land, where you can set up a base of operations, fortify your little make shift home and try to prosper.

Atm, we have issues with LEN SS units for Arma not having corresponding keys to work properly with IFA. Will add further mods in the future, like CSA38 and some others. However, we need to get the server stable and the loot tables properly worked out in the mean time.
Stay tuned for more information! :)

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Post by Ziggz » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:38 pm

Hello. I like your idea of making a ww2 exile server that has alot to offer. I have found your server. But people can't join it, me and my friends just get stuck on the loading screen.

I hope you guys can fix whatever the issue is, because i think alot more people would move to your server

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Post by Galland » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:53 pm

Hi there!

Yes, our server do indeed have a huge issue, and its due to the fact that some mods dont have the corresponding keys, ie. they dont work together. It's LEN's SS mods that we have used extensively, and he have three mods, and dont seem to be arsed to change the keys, despite several us begging him to update his mods, something he actually promised to do on the Bohemia forums. I can understand that real life sometimes takes more time and leave little for projects like this, but I do wish he could take his time to fix this rather simple request. Until he has done that, no server for us :/

We also lost one of our most important staff memebers, due to bullshit between our self, ya know...

I would love to get this project up and running again. But it seems hard to get the other Mods active again, and especially since we cant get the LEN mods to work. We could naturally repack them our self, but its a matter of money, to put them up on the A3Launcher.

Its a pity. The map changes are very nicely done, the mod changes and such are fun and there are so much more you could do to keep it a living and thriving WWII Exile server.

IFA3 Dev.
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Post by kju » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:56 pm

did you contact Lennard directly via discord yet?

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Post by Galland » Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:01 pm



No I have not, dont even know what Discord server that would be? I dont want to pester him too much, I mean, I have tried to contact him on Bohemia, Steam and here. So not sure what good that would do.
But I am willing to give it a shot if you could provide me with some information about where to start :)
Thanks in advance!

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Post by Madame Winter » Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:58 pm

We have continued our work on our server, and it will go live as soon as we have solved some minor issues. Stay tuned ^^

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Post by Galland » Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:20 pm

Closed beta is now available during the holidays.
In order to be able to join us in blowing of peoples faces, and squash nasty bugs under the boot of oppression, you will need to get whitelisted. To do that you need to get your SteamID64 string from a site like Just paste your steam profile link (ie in the input box, and it will get the id from steam for you.
Or you could just give us your SteamID64 String. You can get it from a site like is the official discord where we discuss and take feedback. You can also send a PM to Evanion on that discord with your steamID string, and he will get you whitelisted.


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Post by Galland » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:07 am

We have been working hard on the server. For now, we are mainly hindered by time. Its really time consuming creating spawn/loot lists for the various classes of loot types. Ie. where to find what, and what assets these loot drops will draw their content from. We are working on making our own interface to make this easier, but as I said, it takes time and effort, not to mention, its really fucking booring to do.

Other issues are getting rid of or replacing items needed for the mods to work, some modern items that really dont fit in a WWII setting, but are required for Exile Mod functions. Buuuut, we are getting there slowly.

Waiting for US gear, trying to find Brittish stuff, trying to make the down load burden a bit less heavy, but its hard when you want to have diversity to your server. Especially when some mods arent allowed to be repacked. If they had, it would be so much easier to do this. Now, we will have to expect the average player to dl a shit load of stuff that isnt used, just to be able to provide for some new vehicles, uniforms or weaponry. But alas, its the cross that every Exile server owner have to carry. The more you want to add, the cooler you want to make your server, to make it stand out, the heavier is the crap that you have to dl to be able to play.

However, all trader zones are in place, all spawn points, loot tables for the world map (ie. houses, tents, bases, Roaming AI patrols and vehicle load outs etc.) is close to completion, Most missions have been totally changed to fit a WWII theme, either changed or we have added new ones.

For you that dont know, its a sandbox type of gaming. PVP/PVE.
You spawn in with a basic uniform, a bottle of water, a canister of soup, a pistol and two mags... now, fight for survival and or domination. Do AI missions, fight AI patrols, gather materials and gear, build your own base, attack and raid other players bases. All while roaming air patrols and AI ground patrols will make your life harder.

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Post by MichaelHer » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:03 am

Hey guys and gals , been saying for a while that i was going to post a thread for our Server that I have running. So you will be able to check server status here as well as mods added to the Server etc.

Server Name : Bloodlust Soldiers Tanoa Exiles PVE
Pass: .. you should know this one ... if not you dont belong

Status: Online

Mods: - Exile Kohlrabi
- Advanced Towing
- Advanced Rappelling
- Extended Base Mod
- CBA_A3
- CUP Units
- CUP Weapons
- CUP Vehicles

if you are having trouble getting on right now launching from the game launcher click leave as is for mods and join , with the latest patch from Arma , the exile version is missing an object layer , so until that gets updated from Exiles side of things this is how you will have to join in .

Mods to be adding in the future ... : - To be Determined -

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