WOG Iron Front (ru) full version. Every Thursday

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WOG Iron Front (ru) full version. Every Thursday

Post by PIONEER » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:42 pm

Features of the game on WOG "Iron Front ArmA 3"
  • No Respawn – 1mission = 1 life.
    First person view only.
    No crosshair.
    No game chats.
    Communication only via TeamSpeak plugin.
    No death messages or statistic until you are dead.
    Friendly nicknames only if you look on players.
    Spectator for those who died or late to the game.
    No AI or Bots.
    Ability to rejoin in case of disconnect. Only to your slot.
    Inside vehicle you able to see who are inside and on which role.

Additional features:
  • There are NO ZOOM. At all. Only small zooming while aiming iron sight.
    Radio communication via Radioman or\and vehicles and\or Radio towers.
    No GPS or Markings on the map. Learn to use coordinate grid and compass.
    Private soldiers don’t have maps either.
    Random actions without orders = BAN.
    Platoon system via historical documents. 1 Radioman per 3 squads.
  • Manual gearbox on some vehicles and tanks.
    Manual reloading on static guns.
    Improved medicine.
    Repair of tanks and traks.
    And other ACE3 bonuses.
Installed WOG-IFA3 Modpack

You will need ArmA3Sync + Java
Starting parameters are:


Be sure you set starting parameters in right order. Otherwise you can have game bugs and artifacts.

Only 32bit!

Instruction here A3Sync + TFAR

Games at each Thursday at 21.00 Moscow time.

WOG Iron Front Server #1
IP: Port: 2322

(password wogames)


Sait: http://ifa3.ru/
Forum: https://wogames.info/index.php?app=foru ... ums&id=243
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wogif

Video games you can find results for "WOG Iron Front ArmA 3" in YouTube

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