Forgotten Fronts: Arma 3

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Forgotten Fronts: Arma 3

Post by JustinN » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:08 pm

Name: Forgotten Fronts: Arma 3
Steam Group:
Timezone: (UTC+0) Greenwich Mean Time Zone
Main language: English (Also Dutch and German events)
Gameplay preference: Team vs Team, PvE

What are we?

Forgotten Fronts is an Arma 3 ww2 steam group. We host occaisional Unit vs Unit events and are working our way up to small & large scale WW2 tournaments. We're also involved in making our own mods & some of us are working for the new September 1939 team by

Feel free to check us out :D
Hobbyist Porter & Retexture "Artist". Also a massive WW2 nerd :D

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