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23. Panzer-Divison "Eiffelturm" - NA/EU

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:12 pm
by GenghisSteve

23. Panzer-Divison

Who are we?
We are a professional Arma 3 realism unit portraying the 23rd Panzer Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128 and their combat actions throughout the second world war. With our current manpower, we operate at a company level with over 50 members, hoping to expand to over 80 in the near future. With unit leadership and other members having years of experience in Wehrmacht realism, we aim to deliver the most professional, accurate and realistic portrayal of a Wehrmacht motorized/mechanized company in the second world war.

What can we offer?
We take pride in our historical accuracy, and aim to offer the most authentic realism experience to someone who wishes to join our ranks. As well as realistic combat, we structure and operate our group as Wehrmacht units would have been historically. This encompasses ranks, tactics, tactical commands, radio procedures, uniforms, medals, weaponry, and most importantly camaraderie. With years of friendship between members of the unit and our diverse, international collection of individuals, you will be welcomed into a stable, active and friendly community to bond with.

However, this isn't the only point that makes our unit unique from everyone else. Like others, we provide a completely different and authentic, "flavoured" experience. With a team of dedicated unit developers and permission from mod creators, we are the most customised and specialised ArmA 3 WW2 unit created with development in all areas of the gameplay experience. This includes completely custom maps, vehicles and uniforms for all theatres and time periods as well as special uniforms for individuals in the unit that possess any award other than the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen & Verwundetenabzeichen or a higher rank than Panzergrenadier.


Unit Roadmap:
Everything here at the 23. PzD is done right. Most importantly, the units future being mapped out and consolidated for organisational and professional purposes. If you want to know what we are doing as a unit in the near future, have a look at our road map for the next few months and give yourself a better insight into what we do here at the 23. PzD: >Click me<

Details and time schedule:
Zweite Zug (2nd Platoon) Training: Tuesday, 8:30PM EST (01:30 GMT)
Vierte Zug (4th "Schwere" Platoon) Training: Friday, 3:00PM EST (20:00 GMT)
Erste Zug (1st Platoon) Training: Saturday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT)
Kompanie Operations & Trainings: Sunday, 2:00PM EST (19:00 GMT)

Primary Language: English & German: During Trainings and Operations, all commands are given in German. This includes Infantry tactics, orders etc.
Steam Group: ... ion-public


Unit Media:
Below you can find two of our recruitment videos. The "Deutsche Wochenschau" (German weekly news) was a show running in german theaters during WW2 and we have decided to recreate two editions of the Wochenschau from the perspectives of Soldaten during our Sunday Operations.
Early 2017 Deutsche Wochenscahu
Late 2018 Deutsche Wochenschau

If you're interested in seeing more of what we do during trainings and our Campaigns, feel free to check out Unteroffizier Colton Berg's YouTube channel. After every Sunday Campaign Mission, PvP Event, Monthly Fun Mission etc, an edited cinematic video from his perspective is uploaded showcasing the experience we offer.
>Click Me<

Stay tuned for updates below about the progress of our Campaigns, milestones reached, etc.
Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

Dran! Drauf! Drüber!

Re: 23. Panzer Divison

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 5:15 pm
by Gerhard Homuth
The 23. Panzer Division is looking for new recruits!

As we are nearing a new France 1940 campaign the 23. Panzer Division is looking for new recruits to get our Gruppen to full combat strenght. I'm looking for up to 3 mature people to fill positions in my Gruppe (squad) able to play in the 6-9pm GMT (19:00-22:00 CEST) timeslot on Wednesdays and Sundays. You will receive a training to make you familiar with how our realism unit works and learn authentic wehrmacht tactics. PM me if you are interested!

The 23PzD operates one Zug consisting of a Zugtrupp and three Gruppen (36 active members). We run a persistent campaign on Sunday while we use one other weekday for training. We also play PVP battles against other realism units on occasion.


Obergefreiter Homuth
Truppenführer, 2. Gruppe
1. Zug

Re: 23. Panzer Divison

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:11 am
by Karsten Keppler
[align=center]The 23. Panzer-Division concludes its Invasion of France 1940 campaign![/align]
Leaders of 1. Kompanie discuss approach routes during a short road halt
Photo by Panzerobergrenadier Neumann

After over two months of intense combat, the 23. Panzer-Division has concluded the Invasion of France campaign. We learned many valuable lessons during the campaign, but overall it brought us together as a coheisve, professional and effective combat force.

In the early pre-dawn hours of May the 10th, the armies of the Deutches Reich sprung westwards against and around the much-vaunted Maginot Line with over 3.3 million men at arms. Through a combination of new techniques and technologies (such as the employment of airborne forces against the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael), violence of action and staggering speed, the Third French Republic was brought to its knees in a scant 46 days. Over 2.4 million casualties would be suffered by all sides, in a titanic clash that would reshape the history of all those involved for many years to come. This, was Fall Gelb.

1./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 128 would find itself in the vanguard of the XXXXI.Korps, of Panzergruppe “Kleist”, as it arrived on the eastern banks of the Meuse near Montherme on May 13th. Leutnant Keppler, of this company's first platoon, would be tasked with conducting a reconnaissance in force up the edges of the sleepy river town. Fierce resistance would be encountered in the narrow, winding cobblestone streets as the western bank was secured. Additional armor support in the form of a Pz.Kpfw. II would be sent up and prove decisive in reducing numerous French hardpoints – the Panzer would be disabled by an enemy anti-tank gun before the end of the day.

Across the river, commanders of the French 102nd Fortress and 61st divisions would order the demolition of the Montherme bridge, necessitating the advancing Germans' procurement of inflatable assault dinghies from a neighboring Pionier section. Striking out towards the opposite bank a half-kilometer upriver of the ruined crossing, Lt. Keppler's men paddled for dear life in an urgent dash through the strong current. One boat wouldn't make it; a French machine gun nest drew a bead on it and riddle the raft and its occupants with murderous fire, sending them beneath the surface of the water. Enraged at the loss, the rest of the zug would storm the eastern half of Montherme like men possessed, eradicating nests of the increasingly-disorganized resistance and capturing scores of defenders en masse.

Carrying the momentum through the late afternoon of that same day, erste zug would strike out eastwards in a bid to seize the towering heights and ridgelines outside of the town. Already commencing a hasty withdrawal from the river bend, the French units in the area would prove easy to run down and bypass. Within two hours, XXXXI.Korps has expanded its bridgehead by nearly four kilometers and soundly defeated a final counter-attack by the crumbling French forces, despite their last-minute reinforcement by several penny packets of light tanks.

Erste zug, under the continued leadership of Leutnant Keppler, would participate in the vast sweep across the French hinterland, encountering little organized resistance until the seizure and brief defence of Neaville. From there, the panzergrenadiere would find themselves rushing ever onwards to the English Channel, in a bid to separate the BEF from the rest of the Frankreich. This manoeuvre would prove successful, and precipitated the further collapse of the enemy's will to resist. Dogging the Tommies all the way to the coast, 1.Zug would prove its mettle time and time again – its members receiving numerous recognitions and commendations from higher headquarters.

Victory, however, came at a price. Many good soldaten of the erste zug were lost in their service to the Fatherland, and an executive decision was made to reorganize the battle-hardened but emaciated platoon into the core cadre around which a new Kompanie would be formed. Freshly-minted Oberleutnant Keppler, with the aid of his veteran soldaten, stands ready to lead the young 1.Kompanie onwards into the looming storm of the East, but the Kompanie needs fresh soldiers. 1.Kompanie... needs YOU!

Campaign notes by Unteroffizier Fuchs, Kompanie Funker u. Tornisterfunktruppführer
Kompanie Sanitäter, Unteroffizier Berg documented our last campaign from his perspective through a 7 part youtube series , following each action the 23.PzD was apart of in France 1940:

[BBvideo=560,315] ... toPLsDhgRi[/BBvideo]

Throughout the campaign, many of our Panzergrenadiere distinguished themselves both on and off the battlefield. One soldat in particular was then Panzergrenadier Hans Richter, of 3. Gruppe, who earned the right to wear one of the most prestigious awards a soldat can earn within the 23. Panzer-Division.

Here is his award presentation:
1. Kompanie Hauptquartier


23. Panzer-Division "Eiffelturm"

Von: Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128, Regimentsstab

Zu: 1. Kompanie

While separated from the rest of our Gruppe during an armored counter-attack SE of Neaville, I personally led Panzergrenadier Hans Richter on a flanking action in an attempt to destroy or disable enemy armor that had just knocked out our Panzer and had turned their attention to the rest of my men defending a crossroads. Richter, with total disregard for his own safety, single-handedly thwarted the advance of three enemy tanks using satchel charges. Destroying one, disabling another (which was later destroyed by our PaK) and forcing the last to withdraw. If it were not for his actions, the left flank of 1. Zug would have been turned and my men routed. Having personally witnessed this feat, I would hereby nominate, Panzergrenadier Hans Richter, for the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse.


Unteroffizier Heinrich Strauß
Gruppenführer, 3. Gruppe, 1. Zug, 1./Pzgren.Rgt.128

The following soldat has been awarded the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse:

Panzergrenadier Hans Richter

I hope this update from our last campaign gives the community some insight as to what the 23. Panzer-Division is up to!

The unit is currently deployed to our invasion of Greece campaign, and we will post a similar update once it has concluded.

We're always looking for new soldaten to join our ranks. If taking part in these campaigns seems like something you'd be interested in, please drop by our forums and apply!


Karsten Keppler
Oberleutnant u. Kompanieführer,
1. Kompanie, Panzergrenadier-Regiment.128
23. Panzer-Division

Re: 23. Panzer-Divison "Eiffelturm" - NA/EU

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 3:39 pm
by [23 PZD] Klein
The 23. Panzer-Division embarks upon the Afrika campaign!
(also - the tragic fate of our previous Nachrichten Stab)

Greetings one and all! Today I am privileged to introduce myself and also update you fair folk on the progress of the 23. Panzer Division through the war. However, before I do, I bring tragic news from the front.

Our brave, albeit unfortunate Nachrichten Stab was involved in a freak accident involving a Stielhandgranate, some sauerkraut, and a few too many shots of ration-issue Schnapps. Leading to things perhaps being a bit TOO quiet on the Eastern Front.

Onwards to less gloomy news though! The 23. Is at the moment of writing embarking upon a glorious campaign in Afrika, as a part of the newly established Kampfgruppe Gräf (Lead by a certain Major Gräf) - and under the sturdy and inspiring leadership of brave offizieren Leutnant Strauß and Hauptmann Keppler (not to mention the incredibly talented Unteroffizieren and Mannschaften - but I’d be here till the rapture if I had to list them all) As a result, I can proudly unveil our fresh-from-the-front footage of our Volkshelden in action!
Fresh off the Eastern Front - the 23rd now set foot on the scalding sands of Afrika, aiding in Generalfeldmarschall Rommel’s glorious push toward the Suez - and beyond!
After watching that i wouldn’t blame you if you’re feeling a little hot under the collar!

Perhaps the thought of baking in the desert heat with fellow soldaten, scanning the horizon for a glimpse of the enemy entice you? Perhaps the very sight of German machinery clanking past you in the sandy dunes, hunting their prey makes you want to grab a rifle and join in?

Then, my friends, you’re in luck! The 23. PzD is RECRUITING! It takes as long as sipping a mug of kaffee, head over to, make an account, and one of our Rekrutierung Stab will contact you promptly.

I look forwards to marching upon the scorching Afrikan sands with you, kameraden.

Mit Deutschem Gruß;

Panzergrenadier Michael Klein.
Nachrichten Stab;
2.Gruppe “Schmidt”, 1.Zug “Strauß”
1./Panzergrenadier-Regiment. 128

Dran! Drauf! Drüber!

Re: 23. Panzer-Divison "Eiffelturm" - NA/EU

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:13 pm
by [23 PZD] Klein
The 23. Panzer Division Secures Oilfields near Akhund!
(1.gruppe ready to attack an objective)
Greetings one and all! Following last weeks post, after the brave soldaten of the 23. Panzer Division disembarked to North Afrika, I can happily report excellent news from the front!

Firstly, though i would like to make a brief, and very serious Announcement.

Following recent tragic accidents, we are now banning games involving entrenching tools and ration-issued Schnapps, after the Hauptmanns spare football was found filled with sand, stuck on top of an entrenching tool, with a bloody handprint on its face. Silly practical jokes like this are discouraged, and anybody found breaching this rule shall be castaway in the desert.

After encountering stiff resistance in and around the town of Akhund, the 23rd has secured the critical supplies of oil and fuel in the local oilfields, obtaining much needed supplies to fuel the war effort. After exchanges of fire and some hairy close quarters combat with elements of an unknown British Mechanised Regiment, the wily RAF managed to slip through our determined fighter screen and drop explosives upon one of our oilfields, causing minor damage that our brave pioneers are working to repair as I type!
Thanks to our highly skilled kriegsberichter, we have managed to capture fresh combat footage from this engagement, which you can watch below.
Such determined action by our brave troops deserves all the support on the home front as we can muster!

Tired of watching on the sidelines? Thirsty for Kameraderie and friendship forged in the fires of combat? Perhaps a hole has been left in your life after the controversial end of Game of thrones?

Then, my friends, you’re in luck! The 23. PzD is RECRUITING! It takes as long as sipping a mug of kaffee, head over to, make an account, and one of our Rekrutierung Stab will contact you promptly.

I look forwards to marching upon the scorching Afrikan sands with you, kameraden.

Mit Deutschem Gruß;

Panzergrenadier Michael Klein.
Nachrichten Stab;
2.Gruppe “Schmidt”, 1.Zug “Strauß”
1./Panzergrenadier-Regiment. 128

Dran! Drauf! Drüber!