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[FR] Battlegroup 21

Post by El Tyranos » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:54 am

Battlegroup 21 is a french speaking milsim clan founded early 2014, playing ArmA III in milsim situations. With around 3 different missions (PVP and PVE) per week, always exclusives, we are generally 20 actives members, focusing on teamplay and fun.

What and When do we play ?
Our modbuild is based on mods that are improving ArmA to an even more milsim game (RHS, TFAR, etc…) and we’re also playing on many maps every week. We do not focus on a side, and we can play French Army Forces, as well as US, Russians, insurgents, mercenaries, and any other factions that are available.
Our usual operations take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We play :

COOP Zeus / MCC one night games
COOP Campains
Large scale tactical PvP
PvPvE games
In mid-2015, we started to play on Iron Front 44, reenacting operations of the WWII.

Who are we ?
Our policy is "milsim but not too much", we do not force new players to peel potatoes or take pity equipment once in-game, and we are welcoming beginners and veterans as well. We don't have any hierarchy, everyone is responsible for team's image, is free to suggest ideas about new methods, or even make missions for the clan or for a public game.

Skill level is varied and we often organize training sessions for beginners as well as experienced players. These sessions are animated by former military personnel.

"When in doubt, empty your magazine"

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