Division Oppai | German "Multi-Elemental" Division

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Division Oppai | German "Multi-Elemental" Division

Post by Aaron J. Hughes » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:22 pm

[align=center]Oppai wird niemals besiegt![/align]

:: Introduction
Division Oppai is a custom created unit that consists of two German Regiments.
Both Regiments support each other during combat and if necessary work in unison to achieve the same goal. However, both regiments are independent units that will have their seperate tasks to complete during operations.

The unit itself is a casual group of players, we do not deliver the "Hardcore" Milsim experience some players may seek, however we deliver a semi-serious style of game play, enforcing discipline in combat but having banter during intermissions is a common.

Our structure currently looks like the following:
[list]Infantrie Regiment Großdeutschland - Mechanized Infantry
[list]I. Company - Regular Infantry Company[/list]
[list]X. Fallschirmjäger Platoon - Airborne Troopers[/list][/list]
[list]2nd SS Panzer Regiment (Detachment of 2nd Panzer Division) - Armoured Regiment
[list]I. Heavy Panzer Platoon - Tiger I's, Panther's (not implemented until 1942)[/list]
[list]II. Panzer Platoon - Panzer IV's, Panzer III's, Panzer II's[/list]
[list]III. Panzer Support Platoon - Panzerjäger I's, Stug 42's, Stug III's (This platoon is either equipped with Anti Tank or Anti Infantry equipment)[/list]
[list]X. Reconnaissance Platoon[/list][/list]

We do not place people in slots, members are allowed to follow certain courses of training to specialise in certain roles (Tank Crewman, Paratrooper, Mortar Gunner, Medic, etc.).
Before every operation all members will be assigned to a squad, within this squad, members can select a role that they might desire except the command roles. This allows people to experience several aspects of combat instead of being forced into a slot they might not want to dedicate themselves into.

:: Operation Time Table
Every operation will start respectively at 19.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
[list]Monday - Unplanned[/list]
[list]Tuesday - Unplanned[/list]
[list]Wednesday - Unplanned[/list]
[list]Thursday - Unplanned[/list]
[list]Friday - Side Operation[/list]
[list]Saturday - Main Operation[/list]
[list]Sunday - Main Training[/list]

Days that are unplanned are open to mini operations and specialisation courses.

:: Join us! - Contact
Come check us out!

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