Hyperion - Private Military Company [HPMC]

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Hyperion - Private Military Company [HPMC]

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ARMA 3 - Casual Realism Community
Hyperion - Private Military Company [HPMC] is a group dedicated towards playing as a tactical group across multiple realism games.

Specifically, we are a dedicated and focused group playing the ArmA Series, at this moment we are currently playing ArmA 3 using a plethora of modificiations in order to improve our experiences when playing our sessions and bringing more to the table and introducing different and unique missions playing as any and all factions possible with which our content provides for the community.

Our Steam Group Page


Teamspeak IP
Once inside the teamspeak, and if you wish to be invited to the group, do wait inside the channel labeled "Recruitment Office" and somebody will be with you shortly to provide you with the information you need in order to join this group. Or you can simply add one of the moderators or administrators on steam and you will be redirected. If you do join, we hope that you will enjoy the sessions and experiences which we have created here, and we hope to see you playing with us.

Our Group Discord

Our Times
Friday - Pre-Operation - 20:30 GMT Or 19:30 UTC
Friday - Operation - 21:00 GMT Or 20:00 UTC

Saturday - Pre-Operation - 19:30 GMT or 18:30 UTC
Saturday - Operation - 20:00 GMT or 19:00 UTC

We are an English Speaking Group with Members Mixed From Anywhere

Currently, we are limited to three events per-week. Friday & Saturdays are dedicated to being coopertive sessions with plenty of teamwork. However, recently we have decided to dedicate fridays to "Skrims" which are small scale PvP / TvT Sessions.

In the Month of June we will do a Complete focus on Iron Front
That Means 9 Operations in Total
3 in D-Day
3 in Market Garden
3 in The Battle of the Bulge

Normally were playing a mix of everything so that we are not focused on Unit

If youre Intrested come visited us :D

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