Statement on discontinued support for the IFA conversion (IFA3 FULL)

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Statement on discontinued support for the IFA conversion (IFA3 FULL)

Post by Dmorok » Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:54 am

 ! Message from: IFA3 Team
Most important: We do NOT endorse/recommend/encourage you to buy Iron Fron the game at this point - do not buy it!.
Please wait until a native Arma 3 version becomes available.
There are different perspectives to this. Let's get through them one by one:

1. Players
We have introduced the conversion approach as we wanted to keep the Iron Front project in the Arma universe alive. Due to the publisher there was no other way possible.
However since the introduction we have received many complaints from players failing in the complex conversion and patching process. It just has been a very frustrating experience for both us and interested players!

As a result we changed our approach now to deliver a simple one-modfolder approach easily available and to update (via Steam/withSIX/mega/etc).

Even the recent days have already shown this decision was correct and this has opened Iron Front to many new faces to try and enjoy!
2. Server admins
The initial preview was still compatible to the converted version. However since the first update, which significantly changes the mod, both versions are not longer compatible.
The scripted mine system has been replaced by A3 engine functionality, significant changes to weapon damage and behavior, as well as infantry hitpoints have happened.
This just means that a both fair and stable environment can no longer be guaranteed. And there is considerable more fundamental changes on the way.

If you are running a private COOP server:
For now mixing the old converted version and the new LITE version may still work.
Yet as more and more updates are happening, the less reliable and enjoyable the gaming experience will be.
You have been warned!

3. Developers
To be very direct and frank it comes down to two main points:
  • To maintain multiple version adds a lot of effort we are no longer willing to invest.
    We are focusing now fully on the new version, leaving old restrictions and limitations behind to achieve the best results possible in the Arma3 engine.
  • From the IF game sales only the publisher (Deep Silver) and the producer (X1Software) benefit - not BI (engine provider), nor AWAR (original developers) nor do we.
    Given the very questionable role the first two parties have played, we have been looking into ways to get away from them and to be able to get Iron Front back into the Arma platform natively.
    Unfortunately the legal and ownership situation is complicated, yet we are still trying to find a solution. Be patient with us!
Summary: We ask you to see our Arma 3 project as a new attempt to bring quality WW2 into Arma and to support us with your feedback, your own content and by playing the mod.

Thank you for your attention!

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