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Preview v36 is out

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 12:41 pm
by kerc_kasha
by Jaki


Changelog ... 2019-05-22 ... 2019-05-22

While originally planned as a small maintenance update to fix critical bug issues, timing with the release of version 1.92 for Arma 3 meant that features that were intended for later releases could be pushed immediately. On top of scripted features, further content has been added with the poster child being the venerable Churchill Heavy Infantry tank, which appears in 4 different variants.

### Highlights ###

  • AltReloads for bolt action rifles (reloading animation depends on the number of bullets still in the magazine)
    ~Notably this allows for faster reloading for the enfield rifles, where 5-6 rounds left in the magazine allows for a 'quick' top up reload from a single stripper clip!
  • PanzerFausts are now disposable and must be prepared by pressing reload button thanks to reyhard!

  • Destroyed tanks will not turn into wreck models anymore but stay in their actual combat state (turret orientation, gun elevation, dead crew, skin and other customization)
  • Added EDEN attribute to compatible tanks and SdKfz 234 Puma allowing to turn them into turret less wrecks (set to 0 health to prevent mission start explosion)

  • Fixed Pak40 and StuG sights limits, no longer will the optic 'break' if you hit the extreme limits.
  • Fixed Zis3 gun zeroing actually works again
  • Fixed Static AT guns were getting vanilla A3 zeroing ontop of the scripted solution causing a conflict
  • Corrected broken sight and brake animations on StuG III, Pak 40 and Zis-3 gun
  • StugIII, Pak40 and Zis3 gun sights didn't work in MP. This is a band-aid fix and the sights lose a bit of their fine aim tuning (in multiplayer only) but will hopefully be improved with back-end Arma engine changes

  • Greatly improved bayonet hit detection, thanks to Roman! Previously some 'hits' would skim by the target dealing no damage, their path has been corrected and will now hit as intended
  • Bayonet 'start' point has been adjusted backwards to allow for more reliable hits when extremely close to the target (when your rifle has a chance to 'clip' through the target)
  • Fixed bayonet hit detection while on sloped terrain
by Dragonfly Gaming

  • Recoil for all SMGs has been tweaked to make them easier to control with a reduction on horizontal recoil and a slight tweak to vertical recoil.
    ~This should make it easier to engage with SMGs at longer ranges with practice
  • New recoil for 1928/A1 Thompson as those are fitted with a compensator
  • Fixed FG42 accuracy was inverted (full auto is open bolt and should be less accurate than semi, which is closed)
  • Historically accurate sights for Shermans and Stuart tanks thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!

  • AI will now dismount from static weapons if they detect enemy infantry within short range of them, so they actually defend themselves
  • Fixed bad AI tank movement thanks to Stardust and Gunter Severloh! (due to faulty component inheritance definition for tanks)

  • New bolt action anims thanks to GSTAVO!
by El Tyranos

  • German watch and compass items (original angular mils and a new degrees variant) , can be used instead of the default A3 ones
  • Three new Willys Jeep variants (Hooded, mounted M1919A4 light machine gun, Medical)
  • Churchill Mk. VII thanks to GuyThomas from I44 Team!
  • Three new Churchill Mk. VII variants (AVRE, Crocodile, 95mm Howitzer) and Winter version
by Jaki


  • Custom waypoint AmphibiousAssault - makes the AI head towards land at full speed and deploys infantry. Speed boost can be disabled with vehicle setvariable ["LIB_EnableAISpeedBoost",false]
    ~Keep the AI driver in its own group from the landing team, similarly boats in their own individual groups.

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by Jaki
by Dragonfly Gaming

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