Preview v35 is out

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Preview v35 is out

Post by kju » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:56 pm

by stabcon

WW2 Wiki: Download

WW2 Wiki: Changelog -_Preview_v35_-_2019-04-13

Getting back to our tradition of frequent updates you find a the next quality of life update to improve your play and gaming experience!

### Highlights ###

Community work overview

You can find recommended community work for the WW2 setting in our wiki finally:
WW2 Wiki: Recommended community work

The list is still work in progress (especially mods). Anyhow we hope you take a few minutes to look for new toys and goodies, and can appreciate the excellent missions and mods made by many other community modders!

Let us know via discord please if you have further recommendations and PM kju if you want a wiki account to contribute. Enjoy all the great WW2 content available!

by stabcon

  • Improved accuracy of Bren and BAR
  • Made tank tracks 3 times more durable

  • ILS definitions for AI for Tobruk airfield thanks to Stardust!
  • Updated Tobruk thanks to iron_excelsior!
    • Fixed several misplaced objects
    • Fixed outside SAT texture
    • Fixed Marcuca and Hariga locations
    • Fixed two normal maps sections
    • Changed prepared airfield for AI use
by stabcon

  • Sign textures (Tobruk, El Alamein, Benouville) to HQ for better readability
by El Tyranos

  • Polish Brigade beret
  • Polish Brigade helmets
  • New improved German SC bombs models thanks to Bax!
  • Additional groups (for DAK, UK, US and Winter factions) thanks to Tiwaz1994!
by El Tyranos


For suggestions and issues please check out:

WW2 Wiki: Overview
WW2 Wiki: Issue_Reporting
WW2 Wiki: Class_Overview

Wanna have a chat or interested to assist us - join our discord server.



Red or blue p.. oh wait - different movie

by iron_excelsior

For more official WIP media and excellent fan made media make sure follow our discord server.

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