Preview v33 is out

Official announcements by IFA3 Team.
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Preview v33 is out

Post by kju » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:16 pm


Changelog ... 2019-02-14 ... 2019-02-14

After an unplanned too long wait we present you one more quality of life update to improve your play and gaming experience
in anticipation of the next big update.

### Highlights ###

  • Added fire damage to flame bursts of flame thrower.
  • Tweaked roll rates and turn rates to more realistic values and thus better flight model for P47, FW190F8, Pe2, Pe39 and Ju87 (aileron and elevator sensitivity) by Stardust!
  • Minefields are available again (WIP - to improved and expanded further).
  • Improved anti flip system tanks to Stardust and Roman!

  • Fixed low armor of infantry units.
  • Updated Soviet infantry damage model to latest A3 system.
  • Tweaked recoil on the BAR, STG44, FG42.
  • More tweaks to BAR, FG42 and STG44 recoil.
  • Enabled featureTyp for planes to have them drawn beyond 2000 meters.
  • Realistic turret rotation speeds (360° in)
    • FlakPanzer IV: 10 seconds
    • JS-2: 40 seconds
    • M3 and M5 Stuart: 15 seconds
    • M4 Sherman series: 15 seconds
    • Panzer IVH: 30 seconds
    • Panzer V: 18 seconds
    • Panzer VIB and VIE: 60 seconds
    • T34-76: 14 seconds
    • T34-85: 21 seconds

  • Ardennes 1940 with big revamp.

  • Major revision of object destruction behavior.
  • Major revision of object classification (editor, ZEUS, scripting).
  • Enabled featureTyp for churches, castles and military structures to have them drawn beyond 2000 meters.
  • Fixed visual issues with Raunhofer Winter vegetation when loaded together with CUP vegetation (separated rvmats).


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