Preview v27 is out

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Preview v27 is out

Post by El Tyranos » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:29 am


Fallschirmjäger update originally aimed to balance the capacity of both US and German faction by adding airborne troops to axis. It turned into a complete german themed update when we decided to add more than just a plane to the faction and create a real possibility to play as Fallschirmjäger units. This update therefore adds many individual gear, 3 new german vehicles, 5 new german weapons, 1 new terrain and improves many already existing assets as well as all summer vegetation which will look much more realistic now in term of lighting.

Download :

Changelog : ... 2018-04-11


  • Updated airdrop showcase by Jaki!
  • Pella Region Greece by swurvin!
  • Updated IF Omaha by DontShootMe!
  • Major upgrade of IF vegetation close and distant visuals by Reece!

  • Fallschirmjäger faction including 4 uniforms, 3 new vests and about 10 helmets variants.
  • Replaced last missing german assets removed after Blitzkrieg update
  • Improved German M42 helmets textures.
  • US airborne mohawk hair cut (glasses/NVG).

  • Junkers Ju-52 by Diabolical!
  • Flak 36 - 88mm gun by Vinc3r!
  • FLAK system by magicsh0tz and optimization by Adanteh!
  • LeFH18 artillery gun originally made by I44 and refurbished by Reece!
  • New Panzer IV H commander 3D cupola thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!

  • FastPatrone 30, PanzerFaust 30 and PanzerFaust 60 - thanks to Loutre!
  • FG42-G by Diabolical!
  • Gewehr 41 by Loutre!
  • New G33/40 model thanks to petrtlach from CSA38!
  • G41, G43, MP38, MP40, STG44 and Panzerfaust new animations by GSTAVO!


More images :
By jaki :
By Jeg0r :
By Swurvin :
By ElTyranos :
By stabcon :

G41 :
Panzerfaust :
Tornister 34 :
FJ uniform :

Thanks to all involved people
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Post by kju » Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:59 pm

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