Preview v16 is out

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Preview v16 is out

Post by kju » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:56 pm



This update contains a hidden surprise - much kudos to canukausiuka and GuyThomas!

BIG thanks to Giallustio, El Tyranos, Lennard, Jeg0r, Dmorok and Santiago Vazquez
for their assistance with this update!


* Changed: dropped duplicate data in favor of a CUP Terrains Core dependency.
* Updated: terrain lighting thanks to metalcraze.
* Changed: some terrain lighting parameters to make them less bright thanks to Taro.
* Added: Kfz1 FFV.
* Added: MG42 Kfz1 FFV.
* Added: winter US version of M4A3 Sherman by Lennard.
* Added: new US Tank crew variant + refactored original texture by Lennard.
* Added: DAK Spg uniforms by Lennard.
* Added: feldgrau Granatwerfer 34 texture.
* Changed: improved vegetation to A3 standards.
* Changed: improved terrain surface configuration.
* Changed: made vegetation, additional craters, buildings, objects and ponton bridges available in the Editor.
* Changed: made ponds and roads available for MapBuilder and X-Cam.
* Added: EditorPreview images to most remaining assets.
* Fixed: undesired clothing randomization for third party infantry.
* Added: some more HideFromEditor optional pbos (CUP Core content, A3 terrain objects, etc).

Special thanks once again to Alan and Rowdy, as well as to Kerc, Basher, stabcon and bobsack438!

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